Disney buys Star Wars

The Walt Disney Company has announced that it will be purchasing Lucasfilm Ltd from its founder, George Lucas. Mr Lucas used Lucasfilm to create the highly successful Star Wars series, and the company became one of the world’s forerunners in creating special effects for science fiction films.

Disney has agreed to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in stock and cash. Mr Lucas has already announced that he will step down from day-to-day operations at the company, although Disney has said that he will be a consultant on any future Star Wars films.

Disney plans to release a seventh Star Wars film in 2015, with new films coming out every few years after that. George Lucas originally wrote six film synopses, making the final three films first, and returning to the first three years later. There are a number of Star Wars novels, but the films came first. There is no word on whether the new films would be based on the Star Wars books, or what their link might be to the original six movies.

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Comment – Greedy corporation strikes again

Since I am a bit of a Star Wars fan, you might assume that I would be excited by the prospect of more Star Wars films. In reality, I think it’s a terrible idea.

I’m not upset that George Lucas decided to sell Lucasfilm. He’s 67, and who would say no to a $4.05 billion retirement fund? But Disney has been buying up big recently, having acquired both Pixar and Marvel Entertainment, and it seems to me they are aiming for a monopoly on the high-budget blockbuster film market.

There are already six Star Wars films out there, and I think there is something to be said for a little restraint. These big movie companies seem to be obsessed with rehashing old films, making them over and over again rather than producing something new and original. And I think that making sequel after sequel is the quickest way to kill a good movie.

So no, I’m not excited by the prospect of more Star Wars films. I’m just sad that greed has once again overruled originality, and that another multi-billion dollar corporation is going to cheapen a treasured childhood memory.

Do you remember seeing the original Star Wars movies? Do you think Disney will ruin one of the most epic film franchises of all time? 

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