Do we need to investigate?

The images of Prime Minister Julia Gillard being swiftly ushered away by security on Australia Day have been broadcast across the world. Australians were polarised by the incident and many different views have been expressed at dinner tables, in bars and at office water coolers. But just when we thought the issue had run its course, the Opposition is now calling for a full Australian Federal Police investigation.

Both the PM and the Opposition Leader were at an awards ceremony when tent embassy members arrived to protest against Tony Abbott. The Opposition Leader claims that members of the PM’s staff alerted the protesters to his whereabouts, after earlier comments from him seemingly calling for the tent embassy to be removed.

The PM’s now former press advisor Tony Hodges resigned after he revealed that he was the one who told a Union ACT official that Tony Abbott was at the awards ceremony.

However, the Australian Federal Police has released a statement saying it has “evaluated the information and no evidence of a criminal act was identified”. So it will not be conducting an investigation.

Do you agree with this decision? Or should it be investigated further? Or was it all just a storm in a teacup anyway?

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Read more about the AFP decision here.

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