Downsizing amongst older Australians

Your views are important to help address the issue of the housing needs of older Australians.
There is a common assumption that people over 50 years want to downsize to smaller dwellings when their children have left home, when they want to reduce maintenance or live closer to other people like them. International research shows however, that changing to smaller houses is not as common as supposed.
AHURI and the UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre are trying to find out if downsizing is a realistic reflection of the Australian situation.
They have prepared a short survey (20 minutes) to try and find out:
   * who moves home in later life (e.g. empty-nesters);
   * at what age do they move home (e.g. once retired);
   * why they move home (e.g. to have a smaller yard);
   * where they move to and from (e.g. from the suburbs to a coastal town);
   * into what type of home they move (e.g. from a house to an apartment); and
   * where do they find information about moving home in later life (e.g. from the internet)
Knowing this information will help UNSW and AHURI inform policy makers and the housing industry about the housing needs of older Australians.
If you have moved home since turning 50, they would like to hear from you.
This is an AHURI-funded project (UNSW ethics panel approval 115055).
If you’re willing to share your views, please spare the time to complete the survey which will assist in providing a better understanding when and if Australians change their homes later in life.

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