Electoral campaign funding

New legislation, which was expected to be introduced to Parliament today, would give the major parties $50 million for electoral campaigning over the next three years.

The deal is said to have been in the pipeline for two years, with senior MPs from both sides meeting to get the deal over the line. Even so, a number of Liberal MPs have come out and called the legislation immoral, while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott wouldn’t respond until he saw the final bill.

The legislation will provide parties and independents $1 for every vote they receive at a federal election over the next three years, which will be backdated to April. The legislation will also lower the threshold for private donation disclosure from $12000 to $5000.

While Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party were standing firm yesterday, not committing to anything, the Labor Party has claimed that they already have a binding agreement with the Liberal Party to introduce the legislation.

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Let your policies do the talking

New legislation to provide political parties and independents with $1 for every vote received at federal elections over the next three years will simply widen the gap between the major parties and smaller parties/independents.

The Labor Party and the Coalition both command large media budgets and the new legislation to provide additional funding will only increase the positive and negative political spin which consumers have to deal with leading up to an election.

When leading up to an election, I believe that if your party doesn’t present strong policies for change, while providing the stable leadership the voters expect, no amount of advertising can buy you the win on election day.

After slashing the aid budget and reducing funding for universities in the latest budget, I simply cannot see how $50 million for electoral campaigning can be justified.

What do you think? Are both sides of politics taking us, the tax payers, for fools? Or do you feel the parties need more money to present their electoral cases?

Written by Drew

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