Finding your dream role

Do you still dream of making a difference? Of finding a role or project that makes your heart sing and helps others at the same time? You’re not alone. And just because you may no longer be a teenager, this is no reason you can’t fulfill your dreams. But what does your dream really look like? And how do you get started?

What Next? Your career change companion offers many strategies for those who are keen to explore the avenues towards more satisfying and meaningful work. It has a whole chapter with many great ideas to get a new career underway and strategies for finding the right career path for you. So this section can only contain a short summary, but hopefully this will get your thinking started.

What if you have no idea what you want to do? You’re not alone. Many of us find it easy to diagnose a need to change – but a change to what is the $64 million question. So let’s get basic. If you don’t have a clue what you want to do, why not try the following four things, all completed within a four-day period, and allow yourself to review the answers on the fifth day.

1.tVisit a local bookshop and browse in the non-fiction area. Write a list of the four books which you really wanted to take away and read – and a short note as to why this content was of interest.

2.tVisit your local library and do the same, but include magazines and DVDs as well.

3.tAsk an honest friend which of the four career paths they think would suit you best, and why.

4.tLook at the weekend newspaper and tear out four jobs that you would LOVE to do, whether qualified or not.

On the fifth day, set aside two hours, go to your favourite local café and write down all the topics of interest. Then see if any ‘dream’ jobs, or those in which your friend thinks you would do well, coincide with the topics you enjoy. Try to see if there is a recurring theme or pattern within these responses.

Next go onto the Australian Jobs website.

Remember, you can change career direction in any one (or all) of six ways – by sector, organisation, role, work arrangement, location, and learning. Understanding how to segue from your current position towards the dream role is your next step

Edited extract from What Next? Your career change companion

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