First news week of 2013

This week was the first chance of 2013 for the YOURLifeChoices team to have their say, and there was no shortage of topics. So, how did we kick off the year?

Debbie started off the week by commenting on the report that a UK-based website was looking to pay Australians to spy on shoplifters in Britain. While she’s not so sure about how innocent people would feel about being spied on, Sconny thinks it’s a great idea, “With crime out of control something as radical as this (with safeguards) is desirable, as the organised gangs and individuals that go around ripping off businesses and perpetrating other anti-social behavior in the end makes us all pay. Count me in.”

Another hot summer has those in bushfire prone areas battling to save their homes and lives. Drew compiled a useful guide to what you should do if fire threatens your community. Supernan highlighted the need for more people to volunteer to assist rural fire services, “I was talking to local rural fire brigade yesterday and they have to close due to lack of volunteers. They are down to three active members. Very sad people don’t support their local community these days. These guys saved our house in 1990. The State Fire Brigade could not come – too busy saving suburbs – fair enough too. But we need the local rural volunteer brigades to fill these gaps. Think the internet fire sites are great, but I do get tired of the continuous repetition of old news on TV. Some school kid playing with fire caused the fire that burnt out our acreage and nearly took our house. They knew who but you can’t prosecute kids. Too many kids these days with no common sense! 

On Wednesday Debbie shared her disbelief that the leader of the Greens thought it wise to applaud the actions of Jonathan Moylan which caused a meltdown in Whitehaven shares. While many are divided about whether he acted for the good of the environment, Barrelmaker believes the law has been broken, “Some think that what he has done was a good thing, but think about it everyone, I believe that he has broken the law and has caused much harm to many (no I do not hold shares in the company or any shares for that matter) and by his actions he is on the same level as the coal mining industry”. 

Kaye thought it was time to speak out about the ridiculous names celebrities give their children, making them brands rather than babies. Joybells agrees and thinks the more traditional names should be given a chance, “A rose by any other name will still smell as sweet, but before you name your child, think of its growing up years. Names like Fairydust and Bottomly Potts are sure to cause some teasing and bullying when they reach school age. Go for lovely names like Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah or plain old lovely Jack, Noah or Andrew.