Five best entertainment websites

These five entertainment websites will keep you entertained for hours, with book reviews, movie trivia, downloadable television shows, games and a radio station which only plays the songs you like.

Before you spend your money on a book, or take the time to download the latest blockbuster, why not find out what people really think, rather than getting your information from those who are paid to talk up books and movies?

Whether you are a movie buff with time to spare, or you’re just trying to settle an argument over who that actress was, IMDB has the answers. IMDB, or the Internet Movie Database, has detailed information about over two million movies, from the directors to the actors and extra trivia for you to enjoy.

Watch television online for free with ABC iView. If you miss an episode of your favourite ABC television show then you can go online and catch up, as iView allows you to watch the most recent episodes of shows which are currently airing. The website also allows you to watch full seasons of older television programs, giving you hundred of hours of viewing.

Pandora radio isn’t like listening to a normal radio station – it only plays music you like. You simply input one of your favourite artists, genres or composers and Pandora will play you music which is similar to what you have searched. It can be a great way to discover new music, or simply to listen to music for free.

Keep yourself entertained with a daily game of trivia. There are 20 questions per day and the faster you can answer, the better your ranking will be. Are you the new trivia master?