Five best travel websites

1. Skyscanner
Skyscanner allows you to find a holiday to suit your budget. It researches over 1000 airlines in real time and runs a ‘cheap flights’ tile on the right- hand side of the home page, with the best prices to 10 destinations at any given time.

2. NRMA Travel Planner
If you are planning a road trip or looking for directions throughout Australia then this handy tool, provided free by NRMA, will let you plan and travel with ease.

Offers a whole host of information for women travelling alone and gives details of travel guides for women on many countries around the world.

4. Solo traveller network
As part of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia, this network gives you the opportunity to meet and travel with other singles.

5. Seniors Home Exchange
Want to travel but can’t afford the accommodation costs? With Seniors Home Exchange you can swap houses with someone in your desired location. All arrangements are made privately by the concerned parties and you choose with whom you want to exchange visits or homes.

Written by Debbie McTaggart