Five interesting reading websites

From learning speed-reading to the importance of reading for your brain health, our 5 free incredible reading websites cover information important to any book lover.

1.While you may prefer to read slowly, this How-To-Manual on speed reading has important information for reading at any pace, focusing on how to digest the reading material and to fully embrace the content.
Visit to read on.

2. While we take reading and writing for granted, many people around the world, and in our own country can not read, write or both! With 1% of Australians Population over 15 years of age not being able to read, write or do both of these functions, see where we stack up against the rest of the world, noting that Cuba, Estonia, Poland lead the world with 99.8% of their population over 15 years of age being able to read and write!
Read more from the CIA world factbook.

3. With the use of the internet and text messaging in the past decade, our children’s reading and writing skills have been diminished through shortening of words and the general lack of time put into their literacy skills. The raising children network has provided relevant information on helping children improve their literacy skills.

4. While reading is fun and enjoyable, it can take a toll on our hip pocket. The AboutSeniors online bookshop offers a 10% discount on the RRP of all books listed. This makes purchasing books more affordable in this economic climate.

5. Keeping your brain healthy is important to living a long life and research shows that reading books is one of many important ways to keeping your brain stimulated, which reduces your risk of developing Dementia later in life.
Visit the Better Health Channel for more information.

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