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The South Australian Minister for the Status of Women, Gail Gago, commented earlier this week on Facebook’s ban on photographs of breastfeeding. The minister said she would write the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, asking that the ban on the photographs be overturned.

While I’d be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a prude, I encourage the natural process of breastfeeding and hope there will be less of a stigma around breastfeeding in public in the future, but when it comes to visiting my Facebook account, the last thing I want to see, or expect to see, is a photo of someone I know breastfeeding. Reading through the comments on many of the news articles on this topic, I am not alone on this matter with the majority of posters agreeing that posting such photos is ‘oversharing’ of one’s self. We also have to remember that someone found these photos offensive and reported them to Facebook who, by removing the images is as a private corporation, simply enforcing its terms of use policy.

With so much effort being put into such a small matter, it does make me wonder how many other non life-changing issues are being handled on a daily basis, by the ministers for women who exist in every state and territory (excluding Tasmania) and also at a federal level. Surely, there are far more important matters which need to be addressed and commenting so strongly on such an issue only undermines the good work of these ministers. Furthermore, such comments only play into the hands of those who believe having a dedicated minister for women and no dedicated minister for men is discriminatory and a waste of tax-payer-money.

Do you think the posting of breastfeeding photos on Facebook is inappropriate?

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