Food shortage crisis

Recent statistics suggest that an equal amount of food is wasted in developed countries as there is produced in sub-Saharan Africa. This is an alarming thought and well worth considering as experts are suggesting that there could be ‘chronic global food crises’ 30-40 years from now.

Chris Barrett, an expert on agriculture and economics from Cornell University predicts increasing demands on food supply as populations increase across the globe. Estimates in 2009 suggested that the then world population of 6.5 billion would become 13 billion by 2067 if growth rates continued at their current levels.

Barrett suggested that smaller portions of packaged foods and smaller servings in restaurants would help richer nations reduce food waste and ease pressure on farming.  

Do you think we throw out too much food? Are restaurant servings too big? What tips do you have to reduce food wastage?

This story has inspired Ged to change his food wasting ways. Find out how.

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