Foods worth travelling to find

One of the best things about travelling around the world is getting to eat all the delicious traditional foods different cultures have to offer.

This list covers the mouth-watering foods you must eat in these amazing nine countries around the globe – go on, give your tastebuds a treat.

Scotland – Black pudding
For some, Scotland is all about the Haggis (and yes, you must try that too) but authentic black pudding is a top choice when to get your Scottish fix. Black pudding is a common breakfast food that will accompany your bacon, eggs, sausages and veggies. But it can also be served alongside meat dishes or even with seasonal fruit!


Japan – Ramen
It’s easy to simply think of sushi and sake when you think about Japan, but when you’re there, ramen is an every day eating staple. You can find a ramen place almost anywhere and it’s hard to go wrong when dining in Japan. One of best is local chain Ichiran, which you’ll find in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

South Africa – Bobotie
Often thought to be South Africa’s national dish, bobotie is a Cape-Malay specialty made with minced beef or lamb, egg custard, onion, nuts, fruits, spices and (a lot of the time) curry powder. It kind of seems like a cross between a pie and a frittata, and it’s delicious!

USA – Fried chicken and waffles
Yes to giant pizza slices. Yes to burgers and milkshakes and things like bacon donuts. But when in the US, fried chicken and waffles is a must. This combination originated in the south as a key dish in American soul food. Equal parts savoury (chicken) and sweet (the waffles are usually served with maple syrup), this unlikely pairing will actually sweep you off your feet. You’ll find chicken and waffles in most diners around the country.

Spain – Pintxos
This one is not what you are thinking. While everyone should definitely try a traditional Spanish paella and dive into foods, such as chorizo and patatas bravas (a must with every meal), you just can’t go past pintxos.

Pintxos (commonly meaning snack) are little slices of bread topped with everything from anchovies, sausage and prawns to olives, meat and cheese. You’ll find pintxos in most bars, especially in the Basque and Navarre regions. They’re the perfect Spanish snack!

Malaysia – Nasi Kerabu
Assam laksas (laksa made using fish and tamarind soup) and nasi lemak dishes (rice cooked in coconut milk and leaf) should surely be on your Malaysian eating list – but it’s nasi kerabu that truly stands out.

What is it? Blue rice! It comes from the Kelantan region in the north, and most of the time it’s served with meat like chicken or fish, sprouts, crackers and an egg. Why is the rice blue? The flower petals of the butterfly pea flower are crushed and used to cook it!

Peru – Cebiche
You might not think it, but Peru is a huge seafood-eating country and cebiche (or ceviche, as we know it) is its specialty.

You’ve probably had ceviche – raw white fish in citrus juice – in Spanish or Mexican restaurants locally (or even elsewhere overseas), but there’s nothing quite like it in Peru. It’s popular at lunch and usually comes with sweet potato and corn kernels on the side.

Finland – Vispipuuro
Get your sweet treat happening when visiting Finland and have a go at vispipuuro. This traditional dish is a sweet, whipped porridge made from lingonberries and usually has a mousse-like texture. It’s often placed in a bowl of sugar and milk and the idea is to get a bit of everything with each spoonful. Yummo!

Mongolia – Buuz
Mongolia is a breathtaking and underrated travel destination and while there you’ll likely fall in love with buuz, otherwise known as mutton dumplings. Mutton is a common meat in Mongolia, and these steamed dumplings are frequently considered its national dish. Around the country, you’ll also find variations with of lamb, beef, vegetables and cabbage.

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