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Finding your ancestors has certainly been made easier with the wealth of information now at your finger tips thanks to the internet, but how can you make it work for you?

One way of getting your information out there for anyone searching for family members is a blog. “What’s a blog?” is a question most people ask when it’s first suggested to them. A blog is quite simply your own webpage that you can let people know who you are, what’s been happening in your life and share photos with family and friends.

The next question is usually, “How do I get started?”. There are many mediums which enable you to post blogs and you can get free blogging on Google site, Once you have set up your account, Blogger offers step by step instructions on how to set up your blog, using eye catching templates, post photos and get feedback

You can take a quick tour of what’s involved in setting up your blog, which helps illustrate how easy it really is and what information you’ll need. Making it even easier is the ability to blog onto this site straight from Word, download videos from YouTube and translate your blog into other languages, nothing could be simpler. For more information on Blogger, click here.

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