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Keeping a garden tidy can be a difficult job, even for the young, fit and able-bodied. YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Vivien, wants to know where those who are less able can obtain help to keep their garden in order.

Q. Vivien

I work at a garden supplies/hire place. Last week an elderly pensioner called in to see if we had a lawn edger to hire. We didn’t so I suggested he hire a whipper-snipper. That wasn’t an option for him as he isn’t as able-bodied as he used to be. Is there anyone he can contact to do a little job for him like edging the lawn for a cheap rate or voluntary? I really felt for him and would like to help him if I can.


How lovely for you to care so much. I would suggest contacting your local Commonwealth Carelink Centre who will be able to advise which services are in the area and how you qualify for them.

You can find details of your nearest centre by clicking the link below:

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