Get your motor running

Whether looking for an unusual birthday gift, some way to woo a loved one or just something to do for the hell of it, a trip on the back of a Chopper motorbike will be sure to get your blood pumping.

After years of commuting for hours each day and the stresses of running a computer repair business, Alan Maxwell decided to treat himself to a Harley Davidson motorbike. However, it was a Chopper 4 motorbike that stole his heart and gave him a way out of the rat race.

Alan’s passion for his Chopper, equipped to carry a driver and three passengers, led to the creation of a new business venture, Tours on Trike. Whether you’re looking for a set tour around Melbourne or wish to create your own itinerary, Tours on Trike is an unusual and fun way to feel the wind in your hair, without the effort of having to drive yourself.

For more information on tours and special offers, visit Tours on Trike.