Gifting plant cuttings

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Jennie, would like to share the joy of her beautiful garden with friends but wants to know how best to take cuttings to give as gifts?

Q. Jennnie

Christmas is such an expensive time and I would like to save some money by giving my friends cuttings from plants in my established garden. What plants are best for taking cuttings at this time of year and how can I pot them so they survive until gifted?

A. Provided by Teena Crawford

Soft stem and semi-hardwood cuttings can be taken in Spring and Summer. Many plants can be grown including hydrangea, geranium, salvia, lavender, marguerite daisy and penstemon. Take tip or stem cuttings 7-10cm long and remove all but the uppermost leaves. Insert multiple cuttings in a pot of free-draining potting media or coarse sand.

Alternatively, insert cuttings into the garden in a light, protested position. Keep moist but not wet until they strike roots in about 6-8 weeks. When the new plants have grown sufficient roots, pot up into individual containers ready to give as gifts. Ideally for gifts for Christmas 2010, I would start this project in Autumn for next Christmas.

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