Gillard under fire

Julia Gillard is facing a fresh challenge to her leadership and speculation is rife that she simply isn’t fit to run the country. Facing questions over her handling of the Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper affairs, Julia is, however, standing tall and facing her critics head on.

Her strongest supporters within her party are standing behind her and possibly more telling, no-one is as yet challenging her leadership. While Penny Wong claims that the PM made “the right call in what has been a pretty difficult circumstance”, Kevin Rudd and others who may be seen as challengers, have kept quiet – surely not a good sign. For some, it may have been better to say nothing. Bill Shorten’s support of the Prime Minister on Sky News Agenda last week didn’t do anything to help Julia, nor his own leadership aspirations as the video above shows.

Latest opinion polls show that the popularity of Julia Gillard as leader of the country has fallen a further three points to 36 per cent, while Tony Abbott sits comfortably on 41 per cent.

All this comes before next week’s Federal Budget which many see as the final nail in the coffin for Julia Gillard and the Labor Government. Getting back to surplus by 2013 has been the mantra of this government for the last four years, but with many people struggling to make ends meet, what is good economic policy remains unclear.


As with many Australians, Debbie thinks the Government may have missed a trick to be seen as the ‘people’s party’ with its dogged determination to get the country’s finances back to surplus. With next week’s Federal Budget looming, is it too late to pull a rabbit out of the bag?

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