Giving it all away

What a legend is Laurie Baymarrwangga, our newly announced Senior Australian of the Year. And what a brilliant example to all of us. If you won $400,000 after a protracted court battle would you immediately donate the full amount to future generations? I suspect most of us would not. There is so much we can learn from the actions of this lady. And as we grow older, here is a truly extraordinary elder who is showing us the way to age graceful, and more importantly, usefully. Her actions in preserving her native language, passing it onto younger generations in a dictionary are significant. As too her respect for the natural environment and the creation of a turtle sanctuary. The children of her community and their children are befitting from her generosity and support of educational and employment opportunities on Murrungga.

So what can we do in our own communities?

Are we talking with our children and grand children about the things that really matter: our values, our environment, our unique Australian language? Or are we taking the easy way out and losing our cultural identity? Are we noticing ways to help coming generations attain higher educational standards and to find work that really matters? Are we active in our local communities? In short, how much are we giving back?

What do you think? Is the choice of Laurie Baymarrwangga a timely reminder to us all to give more? Or are older Australians already doing enough?

Are older Australians giving and doing enough for future generations?

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