Gone reader

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is the best type of crime novel – one you simply can’t put down. So before you start this tortured tale of Amy, Nick and love gone wrong, be warned that you, too, will be ‘gone’ for as long as it takes to finish this compelling yarn.

It starts on the morning of the Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Amy is making pancakes, Nick is staring at the back of his wife’s elegantly shaped head. Within hours Amy is missing, Nick is fumbling for answers, and the tiny town of Carthage, Missouri is in uproar over the suspected foul play.

As the days whizz past, Nick’s credibility takes a battering with revelations from one and all pointing to his guilt and the increasing likelihood he will end up in the execution chamber. But Flynn is no ordinary writer and she has many a trick up her sleeve as the plot twists and turns towards an unforgettable ending.

Gone Girl has headed fiction bestseller lists in Australia and overseas month after month. And there’s a very good reason why.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Hachette Australia
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