Good neighbours

A NSW Health Survey showed that the 65-74 year age bracket had the largest percentage of visiting neighbours, providing a lifeline for some.

These days it seems everybody is too busy with their own lives to take a moment for those round about. Neighbour day has been on the Australian calendar since the discovery of an elderly woman found dead in her Melbourne home in 2003. The horror of the story is that she had been dead for two years. Getting out and about if you’re fit and able is something many take for granted but there are some people who are not so lucky. The simple joy you can bring just by popping in for a cuppa is priceless to those who have no-one.

Neighbour Day should be any day of the year. Four easy steps that will help you connect with your neighbours are:

• say hello to your neighbours when you pass them
• make a special effort to introduce yourself to older residents or those who live alone
• leave your mobile and home telephone numbers for use in an emergency
• agree to keep in contact

If you want to take it further, why not organise a street party, barbeque or a get together in your local community centre. For more information about Neighbour Day, click here.

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