Good times at the Palais

Last Friday night nearly 3000 ‘teenagers at heart’ gathered at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre to celebrate some super talented rockers singing the songs of their (and our) youth. Yes, it was the 2014 Apia Good Times tour and Debbie and I were lucky enough to score some (almost) front row seats (thank you Trav and Angie!).

Along with the rest of the crowd, we squeezed into our tight pants and boots in anticipation of a fun night in St Kilda.

First on stage was the super-savvy Russell Morris, currently enjoying a much-deserved career renaissance with his latest album Shark Mouth. Russell is looking great and sounding even better. We loved his new material, but I must say, the audience reaction to his bestseller Hush was the highpoint of his set.

Next up was the irrepressible Joe Camilleri. What can you say about this guy? He is fit and funny and an awesome musician. And his trump card? The sublime Vika Bull sashaying on stage, ample curves and signature flower – what a dame. These two have played many gigs together over the years and their mutual respect shines through.

After a break came Richard Clapton and he, too has lost none of his energy. Needless to say Girls on the Avenue brought the house down.

But for my money, best was definitely last! I hadn’t seen Leo Sayer since his Festival Hall concert in Melbourne circa 1974. He’s a little older, so am I. But he remains the ultimate entertainer and had the audience on their feet from the moment he hit the stage. Most loved his old rock numbers. Particularly I know I can’t dance and Thunder in My Heart – and yes, he did make the audience feel like dancing! But for me, the highlight of the night was, once again, hearing his soulful ballad When I need you.

Beautiful song
Fabulous night
Thank you Apia

Watch a video of the concert here.

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