Hanging up on the landline

At the end of last year I moved into my new house and became the proud joint-owner of my first ever mortgage. Financially, this was a complicated time. There were power companies to join, water bills to pay, council rates to budget for and internet to connect. Amongst all these considerations, my partner and I had to decide whether to get a landline telephone.

Having been a nomadic renter for the previous six years, I’d lived in houses with and without landline phones. Personally I had no real preference. I liked the security of having a landline in a house, but also realised that I rarely used it.

Judgment day came when I starting shopping around for the best internet plan. I presumed that I could get a landline connection included in the internet price, but most providers charged extra for a home phone. My partner and I were both a little shocked, so after talking it over, we decided to get just the internet. Both of us have adequate, but not excessive, mobile phone plans and never exceed our limits. So we decided that we’d rather spend the extra $15 a month on something else.   

As we expected, so far it has not been a problem. Because the house we bought already had a phone connection, we easily connected our modem and now have fast and reliable internet.

When I want to contact family and friends overseas, I either use my Skype account or the $10 sim card I bought that allows me to make cheap international calls from my mobile phone.

Oh, and yeah, I don’t get telemarketing calls anymore. Ever. 

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