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The Spring Racing Carnival has dominated home news this week, but overseas, Americans have gone to the polls to elect their 45th President. So, in response to what’s been happening, who said what this week?

On Monday Debbie loved the idea of the Kindness Movement, but did feel that people needed to be reminded that an act of kindness should be followed by a simple word of thanks. Biddi agreed, “This is such a good topic! My husband is really ill and occasionally he almost topples over when we are out. Ninety-nine per cent of people that rush to help have been blokes. Isn’t that just terrific? Thanks, guys. (Even had some people just staring, looking, but not helping). I have seen young folk with placards asking for a dollar. I go and buy them a veggie sandwich and leave quickly. Not happy about the money thing. I am a ‘please’ and thank you’ person and very grateful for any small gesture of kindness and try always to do the same – know the feeling of having a little help along the way. There really are some wonderful folk out there. Like the saying goes, ‘a stranger is just a friend you do not know’.” 

Being a horseracing fanatic, Drew was keen to pass on his words of wisdom about the Melbourne Cup. Grateful is also a fan of the Melbourne Cup but thinks it’s been ruined by the jockeys, “Great race, great field, ruined by pathetic jockeys not game to take a chance and allow the race to turn into a follow the leader merry go round trip. Also, the groundsman again left the track far too hard and ruined the chances of many of the horses that jarred up. That “curator” at Flemington would have to be the most arrogant person and will not be told. Flemington has spent millions on drainage etc. for the track, but, it is too good and all irrigation just runs away. The track was too hard on Saturday and was worse on Tuesday. Heaven forbid how it will be for Oaks Day and next Saturday!! Sad that what should have been the greatest Melbourne Cup was ruined by the lowest common denominators!” 

In our last news item of the week, Kaye is dismayed at how the fight for one of the greatest political positions in the world has been dominated by those with money to burn. Innes isn’t sure about the conviction of those Americans who actually voted, “American voters are a strange lot. A month ago it looked like Romney had it in the bag. It looks like a lot of Americans have changed their mind simply based on debating ability. Now that Obama has walked it in, the New York Stock Market is not happy about the win. On the first day of trading since the election, the Market was down 300 points at 1pm New York time and there is an old saying that ‘the market is ALWAYS right’.”

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