Hoax asylum seeker email

Every six months or so, a particular email does the rounds. The purpose of this email is to advise struggling age pensioners that refugees to the country are getting more money than them.  There is no substance to this email.

This email started the rounds in Canada and the figures quoted relate to Canadian Social Security payments. They bear no resemblance to any payments made on behalf of the Australian Government to either Australian age pensioners nor asylum seekers.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) states on its website: “Asylum seekers in Australia who have not yet had their protection claims decided have no access to Centrelink benefits.” “In Australia, refugees granted permanent visas have access to benefits on the same basis and at the same rates as other Australian permanent residents.”

The DIAC will provide assistance to refugees with English-language lessons and basic goods to start a household, as well as assistance for rent and utilities, but only for the first four weeks only that they are in the country.

To read the full statement, visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

As a migrant herself, Debbie is horrified at the backlash genuine refugees receive when they arrive on Australian shores. Should Australia be more open to asylum seekers or should we close our doors to these poor, unfortunate people?

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