How retirement is supposed to be

Thanks to careful retirement planning, no expensive children and a healthy pay cheque, Ron and Sue Hogg are the type of retirees the Government is hopeful will become more the norm for future generations.

Through careful planning, watching their spending and starting a super fund during the boom of the 80s, the Hoggs have even managed to survive the financial mire of the Global Financial Crisis. With everyday Australians having thousands of dollars wiped from super fund balances, this is indeed an achievement.

With years of planning and hard work, their self-managed super fund is now valued at over $1,000,000, a position which most of us can only dream of, and they hope never to have to claim the Age Pension, unless they fall on extreme financial hardship. This hard work and good fortune has led to early retirement at 62 and 54 on an annual pension of $65,000. At 54 Sue Hogg will soon be able to withdraw from her employer’s pension, further boosting the couple’s income.

This is the retirement we all hope to have, yet few will achieve.

Read how Ron and Sue Hogg managed to achieve their retirement utopia at 

Is this the type of retirement for which you had hoped? Or does this simply highlight the gap between those who have and those who have not?

While Debbie applauds Ron and Sue’s clever retirement planning, she can’t help thinking that a retirement such as this is unachievable for most working Australians. Do you agree?

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