If you love sheds…

Men love their sheds, and if you’re keen to see what goes on behind closed shed doors then this show, starring Shane Jacobson, could be for you.

Men love their sheds. Whether they’re creating, collecting or just contemplating life, the shed is their sanctuary and they come in all shapes and sizes.

ManSpace Magazine is a celebration of what men get up to in their spare time – from collections and hobbies, through to exotic sheds, glorious garages and man caves.  ManSpace Magazine is the only magazine which taps into the personal stories and passions which make men tick; as well as providing tips and advice on how to make better use of their ‘space’.

Inspired by ManSpace Magazine unique content, a new TV program emulates the magazine to take a serious look at the passions and interests of men in their spare time – many of which take place in garages, sheds or man caves around the nation.  ManSpace is now on GO! – Monday nights at 7:30pm.

Executive producers Harvey Silver (well known for creating the original Footy Show concept) and the infectious Shane Jacobson (of Kenny/Top Gear fame) have used a unique local studio setting at Antique MotorCycles, an amazing warehouse full of bikes, toys and memorabilia, as the set for ManSpace

On screen, Jacobson plays sidekick to the show’s compere, Dan Anstey, who is part of Melbourne’s Fox FM breakfast program team.

Other presenters in the ManSpace team visit some amazing (as well as down-to-earth) sheds, garages and man caves around Australia and report back on-set.

Men – you have the magazine, and now it’s time to take back the remote too!

If you missed the first episode, why not catch-up on Jump-in?

Written by Debbie McTaggart