In trouble again

Australian Actor Matthew Newton who fled to the US to escape his bad press and behaviour issues in Australia has yet again found himself in trouble with the law. Miami police arrested the 35-year old actor for allegedly punching a hotel receptionist in the face and resisting arrest.

Newton, who suffers from bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder, was relocated to Miami on the advice of psychiatrists who did not believe he would survive in his native Sydney. But Miami isn’t proving to be the new start for which Newton was hoping. Earlier this month he was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest after being asked to leave a bar and restaurant.

As the son of well-known Australian performers Bert and Pattie Newton, Matthew has lived his life in the spotlight.

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While Debbie appreciates that mental illness may be contributing to Matthew Newton’s apparent inability to stay out of trouble, she can’t help but compare the difference between this life of privilege and the actual hardship faced by the young men and women who give their lives for our country.

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