International custody battles

The four girls trapped in the middle of an international custody battle will be allowed to remain in Australia until the matter is finalised in the High Court.

The girls lived with their mother and father in Italy until their parents separated in 2007. Their mother and father continued to share custody under a ‘consensual separation agreement’. In 2010 their Australian-born mother brought them on a holiday to Australia, and instead of returning as agreed with the children’s father, she stayed.

After the court ordered the girls to return to Italy they went into hiding with the aid of their Australian grandmother, great grandmother and great aunt. Their great grandmother has stated that she “would die” before giving them up. All three women could face legal action and possibly jail.

The high court will look at the matter again on Friday, and if it is decided that the case should go in front of the full-bench of the High Court then the girls may be allowed to stay in Australia until August.

More information
This article in the Brisbane Times entitled Judge orders girls to return to Italy gives a comprehensive overview of the case
Or to find out how the Italian side of the family are dealing with what they are calling the ‘abduction’ of the girls, read Aunt claims girls were abducted in the Sunshine Coast Daily

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