Intuitive tone recognition

Voice recognition systems can be frustrating when they don’t recognise your accent, but Dragon’s intuitive tone recognition means you’ll never be misunderstood again.

Once Dragon is installed on your computer you’ll need to set up your profile. This profile enables the program to become accustomed to your voice tone, so it can operate most efficiently. You’ll be able to select your country or region, such as Australia, New Zealand, North America, and the program will be able to gauge your accent.

The program is so intuitive that it can also recognise when to use words which have the same spelling, depending on the context. For example, ‘plain’ and ‘plane, or words and phrases which can easily get mixed up during speech, such as ‘a jar’ and ‘ajar’.

As the program becomes used to your accent, and the way your form your words, it will become more accurate. And probably one of the cleverest functions Dragon offers is the ability to scan your sent emails so it can identity your commonly used words and phrases.

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