It’s not what you know…

When radio host Chrissie Swan innocently posed for photos with her children Leo, 3 and Kit, 9 months, she couldn’t have imagined the backlash she was to suffer via a tweet from a skinny, childless starlet.

Ashleigh Brewer, who stars in Neighbours, took it upon herself to criticise Chrissie Swan’s parenting skills via twitter when she saw a photo of the mum with her two children.

The tweet, was just one of many comments made by critics, but seems to have caused the most furore. Brewer tweeted “This (Swan’s pro-fat attitude) makes me furious … You (Swan) are responsible for getting your preschooler to the point of needing to go on a (diet).”

Perhaps realising the error of her youthful ways, Brewer has since deleted the original tweet and issued this apology, “I really admire Chrissie for going public with this and I hope that it makes other parents take action with their children’s nutrition.”

Swan has herself told fans she ignores such criticism,  “That ugliness doesn’t fit into my beautiful, busy, wonderful life full of fun and babies and mess and laughter.”

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Debbie thinks parents have enough to cope with bringing up children, without those who are ill informed making comment. Is she correct or does being in the public eye make you and your family fair game for criticism?