Leadership wrangle gathers steam

The Labor Party leadership debate gathered steam over the weekend as further speculation mounts over who is the best person to lead. Kevin Rudd claims that video footage of him swearing during filming outtakes was released on YouTube by Julia Gillard and/or her supporters. Gillard denies this.

Many observers are urging Gillard to end the tension between her and the former PM by sacking him before it gets out of hand. Rudd left the country yesterday for a meeting of G20 foreign ministers in Mexico, but not before making a careful statement about a leadership challenge. He only committed to not making a challenge “right now”. Naturally this does little to convince anyone that he wants to lead Labor again.

It appears at least one Labor backbencher will not be backing Kevin Rudd after Steve Gibbons shared on Twitter that “only a psychopath with a giant ego would line up again after being comprehensively rejected by the overwhelming majority of colleagues”.

Meanwhile, current Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has called for a quick resolution due to fears that Labor instability could jeopardise her campaign for the upcoming Queensland election.

How do you feel about the debate? Who do you want to see leading the Labor Party? Will this uncertainty affect your vote in the next election?

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