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Yesterday Ted Baillieu’s cousin flipped the bird at a group of protesting nurses. Today the nurses strike ended. Coincidence?

The nurses’ strikes may only have been taking place in Victoria, however, I think that what happened yesterday is a symptom of a much larger issue, one that affects every single person in Australia. Respect.

Last week Yumi Stynes and George Negus made derogatory remarks about war hero and Victorian Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith based on his looks and the fact that he was brave enough to openly discuss the IVF process he and his wife went through publicly.

Yesterday six nurses showed up at the Baillieu Library at Melbourne University with a megaphone, where the Victorian Premier was launching the biography of family legend William Lawrence Baillieu. They seemed to think that chanting outside the family event was an appropriate way to demonstrate their displeasure with the way the nurses strikes were being dealt.

In an equally inappropriate move former federal MP Marshall Baillieu, the Premier’s cousin, flipped the bird at the group of nurses through the window as they were chanting. While all of this was going on Ted Baillieu was trying to make his speech to the crowd. And what did the nurses yelling on microphones have to say about Marshall Baillieu’s behaviour? “Wow, that’s really mature”.

Every single person involved in every one of these events should have known better. And it all comes down to a complete and utter lack of respect. I am embarrassed to think that the people who make up the face of this country, the politicians and the television presenters, appear to be so unaware of the concept. Never before has the media derided a prime minister on such a personal level, and never before has it been so acceptable for television shows to humiliate a few for the enjoyment of the masses.

Where has this come from? When did this kind of behaviour become not just acceptable but expected? Have we as a country lost the concept of respect, or is it just the few loudmouths in the limelight who are giving us a bad name?

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To read more about the nurses strikes ending read the YOURLifeChoices news article Nurses strikes come to an end.
Or, to find out exactly Yumi Stynes and George Negus said about war hero Ben Roberts-Smith read Debbie’s blog post Think before you speak.

Is respect dead?




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