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I would like to know if you could advise me regarding my mother. Just lately she has mentioned that she gets a bit lonely (she lives by herself since my dad died 7 years ago) and would like someone to have a cuppa with and a chat. As she finds it a bit difficult to get around, and she also stresses when she has to go somewhere she is not familiar with, I wondered if you had people who visit people at home for a cuppa and a chat. If you could help me with this (mum is 78) and a lovely lady who loves a chat. I talk to her every couple of days (I work full time) and my son takes her to church every Sunday but she would like someone her own age to talk to.

A.How lovely for your mother that she has a family that cares so so much. We think a Life Activites Club would be perfect for her, the nearest one to where she lives is Brighton. They arrange all sorts of events that are geared towards the over 50s getting more active and involved in their local community One of the nice things about these clubs is that they undertsand people are a little apprehensive about going along to things on their own and they will arrange for someone to pick your mother up on her first visit.

For more information, visit their website by clicking the link below. We’d love to hear how your mother gets on.

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