Looking for the positives

With floods wreaking havoc across the South East of Australia over the past week, we have again been reminded of the power of Mother Nature. In the last couple of years we have been given more than enough examples of this. Whether it was the terrible Black Saturday bushfires, the frightening Queensland floods of 2010-11 or the harrowing Christchurch earthquake, we should all be well aware of how we are at the mercy of our environment and its unpredictable behaviour.

Rather than dwell on the horrible impact of these events, I’d like to celebrate the way communities pull together to help their neighbours. Admittedly, I probably only see the TV friendly images of people filling sandbags and helping little old ladies out of their homes, but I’m sure there are plenty of other selfless acts being performed in areas affected by natural disasters. 

I’ll never forget the images from Black Saturday of a man standing on top of a truck with a hose in his hand, trying to help fight the fires. Nothing unusual about that you might say, but the man had a plaster cast from his knee down to his toes and was carefully trying to balance on his good leg. On that same day I was at home nursing a recently broken leg, lying on my couch recovering from surgery and feeling sorry for myself. It was a timely reminder that there were bigger things happening in the world than my comparatively minor problem.

So if you’re suffering a case of the Monday blues today, spare a thought for those who are worse off and be thankful that there are plenty of people out there who will lend a helping hand if you ever found yourself in trouble.

Do you have a story of when someone inspired you or helped you in a time of need? Share it here.

Written by gedmc