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Magda Szubanski loves women, she’s a lesbian, always has been. As with many other gay men and women, she is incredibly disappointed that the legalisation of same sex marriage is still a topic which is being discussed, rather than being accepted.

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Released on Monday, a poll by Galaxy indicated that 62 per cent of Australians were in support of same sex marriage. Unsurprisingly, the strongest support was amongst younger voters, but 51 per cent of those surveyed aged between 50 and 64 were also in agreement.

Monday also saw the introduction of two bills to parliament proposing the legalisation of same sex marriage. Labor MP Steven Jones introduced a private member’s bill, while Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and the Green’s Adam Brandt delivered a similar bill.

The Prime Minister has stated that her opposition to any changes to the marriage act has not wavered, but has conceded that Labor MPs have the right to a conscience vote on the issue.

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