Make the most of your travel

Whether it’s lying on the beach, trekking in Nepal or meeting the locals in Peru, YOURLifeChoices travel tips will help make sure your journey isn’t wasted.

1.Research the best time to visit your chosen destination and, whether permitting, travel off-season. Not only is this when you get the best deals but there will be less tourists about, giving you more time to enjoy the local treasures.

2.Decide what type of experience you want. If you’re looking to lie on the beach, then a city break isn’t for you. Likewise, a remote island may not provide much scope for visiting museums. Why are you travelling?

– fun

– adventure

– culture

– relaxationt

– scenery

– education

– history

3.If you’re feeling confident, try independent travel. Arranged tours work well if the itinerary suits and your travel companions are likeminded but they are expensive. Independent travel can often be cheaper and you’re in control of your travel plans but may take some time to plan.

4.Eat, live and party like the locals, this is the best way to get a true sense of what a destination has to offer and is often the cheapest way to travel.

5.Plan your budget and stick to it. Only spend what you can comfortably afford. Forecast costs. Find out what things will cost by searching the internet and using guidebooks.

6.Work out how long you can comfortably travel. If a long haul flight is out of the question, then look to destinations closer to home.

7.Don’t disregard what’s on your own doorstep. Tourists flock to Australia each year looking to discover and experience many things us locals take for granted.

8.While you’re away document everything. Take pictures, keep a diary, pick up leaflets and, if you want to keep friends back home up to date with how you’re travelling, start a blog. is a great site to get you started on your own virtual holiday journal.

9.If you’re unsure, Google it! The internet has information on just about everything you will ever need to know but it can be difficult narrowing down the exact information you want. Try the following websites for the latest travel information:

10.Pack light but wisely. Think about where you’re going, and what you’ll need but leave the kitchen sink behind!

11.Make a checklist. Writing things down and marking them off will help you get through your planning and preparation without a hitch. Not sure what you need to do? Check out YOURLifeChoices travel checklist.

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