Making friends at any age

Friendships can last a lifetime, but quite often we find ourselves in need of new friends and experiences. YOURLifeChoices has details of three different community groups responsible for bringing together older Australians.

A great way to continue learning at any age and meet new people, Universities of the Third Age, or U3A as they are more often called, is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation which aims to offer low-cost educational opportunities which operate in a pleasant, supportive social setting. There are no formal entry requirements, no examinations and no ‘awards’. U3A is built on the premise that, collectively, older people have the skills and knowledge to provide learning for themselves. For more information visit the U3A website.

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) is the national peak body for seniors and technology. ASCCA is represented in every state and territory of Australia and ASCCA associated clubs are a great way to learn or share computer skills. If you are interested in learning more about computers or have a wealth of information to volunteer, visit the ASCCA website.

One of the largest clubs in Australia, PROBUS was created in 1965 in England and spread around the world through the Rotary program. This concept for retirees offers social contacts and no service constraints. The name name PROBUS comes from the words ‘professional’ and ‘business’. With currently 4500 clubs worldwide, it is more than likely that there will be a club in your area! For more information visit Probus.