Man dies in Sydney from Tasering

An unidentified man died in Sydney after being Tasered by local police. It was suspected that the man had stolen a packet of biscuits from a convenience store and then resisted arrest after officers approached him on Pitt Street at around 5:30am on Sunday morning.

Officers reportedly used capsicum spray first and when that did not have the desired effect, they used Taser. After being Tasered, the man stopped breathing and was sadly unable to be revived. The man is yet to be identified. Authorities believe that he might be from South America and was aged somewhere between his mid-20s and mid-30s.

The death has raised the debate of Taser use in Australia. Questions have also been asked about the combined use of capsicum spray and Taser. Both devices affect the heart and there are fears that their combination could be the cause of such lethal results.

Do you support the use of Tasers? Does the use of Tasers concern you? What are some alternatives to using Tasers? Read Ged’s take on the issue here.

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Man who died after being tasered by police in Sydney Australia may have lost his life over a packet of biscuits

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