Manipulating the elderly

Elder abuse takes different forms as an YOURLifeChoices subscriber, who wishes not be named, has realised. Despite her best efforts, she is sure her brother is being manipulated by his carer.

Q. I think you should do regular articles warning people about the manipulation of the elderly by so-called friends/carers who take an elderly person to a solicitor, get them to sign an enduring power of attorney, enduring guardian, and changing their Will to favour the so-called carer/friend. This particular person bragged about the many years he is a Mason of the Masonic Lodge, also that he helps three other elderly woman. No doubt helping himself again and again.

Although I have phone various Departments for the Aged, each department suggests I contact another department.

A. This is a dreadful thing to hear but we’re sure it’s more common then any of us wish to believe.

This is more than manipulation, it is elder abuse. We have just sent an enews, copy attached, which had a pdf on treating elders with dignity and outlining elder abuse.

If you know of a specific case, then you can contact The Elder Abuse Protection Association. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

EAPA website.

Also, you don’t say where you live but Seniors’ Rights Victoria are very active in the correct treatment of seniors and may be able to assist you or advise of similar organisations in your area.

SRV Website.

Thank you for your prompt reply, however I emailed your “Seniors” with the hope that WARNINGS would be regularly placed in your magazine.

I did see a solicitor about 3 weeks ago, no word back.

I contacted the phone number of that you gave in your email, but only an answering machine. I left my phone number but so far no return call. It appears these matters are all in the too hard basket for all and sundry.

My brother lives in country NSW and I in another state. I spoke to him yesterday, but he won’t or can’t tell me what this so-called carer does for him. He appears to think this man does no

Anyway I would appreciate your WARNINGS printed regularly in your magazine.

Editor’s note: Point taken. We endeavor to ensure people are aware of their rights and to be on the look out for practices that may not be above board, especially when concerning the elderly.