More atrocities on the cards

Syrian troops are reported to be circling the town of Al Heffa, a town of 30,000 on the Turkish border, prompting fears that another massacre is about to take place.

Tanks have been placed around the town and helicopters are circling the skies around Al Heffa and other opposition strongholds, leaving innocent Syrians fearful for their lives. To date, 14,100 lives have been taken since the start of the anti-regime uprising, so says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

While the behaviour of President Bashir al-Assad is giving the UN cause for concern, military action by UN forces has been ruled out. Russia, a long-time ally of Syria and Assad, has warned against military force to remove the regime.

On the possibility of intervention by the United States, State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland said “The concern has been that putting foreign military forces into this situation – which is on the verge, as everybody has said, of becoming a civil war – will turn it into a proxy war.”

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Should the world sit back and allow Syria to ‘settle’ its own differences? Or should the threat of a further massacre against innocent people be enough to spur the UN into action? Debbie is not a supporter of war for war’s sake, but is finding it increasingly difficult to understand the ‘no action’ policy of the rest of the world. Is she correct?

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