Music series hits the right note

Suzanne Gleeson’s love-affair with music has become contagious among residents at Lend Lease’s Glenaeon village in Belrose, New South Wales. For close to a decade Suzanne has organised countless Music at Glenaeon concerts that have entertained and educated residents with a mix of renowned classical and jazz performances.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. As a young girl my family would gather around the radio to listen to classical music. I went on to study music at the Sydney Conservatorium and then to a career in Arts Administration,” Suzanne said.

“I thought live music was something that my fellow residents would enjoy and benefit from, so I hatched a plan to start the Music at Glenaeon series and the rest, as they say, is history.”

For residents at Glenaeon, which is one of Lend Lease’s communities, the events have provided much more than just an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

“As most of us know and this theory is well-supported by research, keeping active in the community and maintaining a healthy social life has enormous benefits for overall and long term wellbeing,” said Ann Holzer, Lend Lease’s Regional Village Operations Manager, NSW.

This reinforces international research proving that music can reduce stress levels, ease tension and depression and aid a good night’s sleep – just some of the many benefits to an already enjoyable pastime.

In recent years Suzanne has also given the gift of live music to several other Lend Lease communities including Annesley Bowral in Bowral, Coastal Waters in Worrowing Heights and Lutanda Manor in Pennant Hills. There are also plans for additional concerts to be held across more of Lend Lease’s New South Wales villages in 2012.

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