Myki mayhem in Melbourne

The $1.4 billion myki ticketing system has come under fire once again this week, but not for the usual reasons. Myki has been slowly transitioning Victorians from the current Metcard system to the new myki system and this week saw the removal of monthly and weekly Metcards from sale. This has seen an increase from 39% of validations using the myki system to 46%.

With the increase in myki users, a major flaw in the system has emerged with travellers getting off at major city hubs such as Flagstaff and Southern Cross being confronted with 25+ person long queues to ‘touch off’ their myki card.

The Victorian public transport ombudsman Janine Young says her office has experienced a sharp spike in complaints this financial year and most of those complaints were about myki.

Do you think the Victorian Liberal Party made a serious mistake continuing with the implementation of myki when they took office or were they already in too deep?

Read more about yesterday’s frustration for myki users and to see how long the queues really were.
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Read Drew’s blog on why the Baillieu government were in too deep.

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