Naked washing machine man freed

In the normally unnewsworthy northern Victorian town of Mooroopna, a man named Laurence required emergency services assistance to free him from his washing machine on Monday. A self-confessed ‘practical joker’, Lawrence decided to get into his washing machine stark naked. Why, you might ask. Well Lawrence thought he was enjoying some ‘sneaky fun’.

He then proceeded to use the time of a range of emergency service workers in their attempts to free them. Was he grateful? It’s difficult to tell, as he said that he just wanted a beer while he was being freed and afterwards that he was disappointed that the emergency crew used his good olive oil as a lubricant to free him from the machine. Restraint award of 2014 goes to the attending police constable Luke Ingram who felt it necessary to advise people not to climb into appliances as it causes ‘a number of issues’.

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke, it actually happened. Read the full account on the ABC website.

Opinion: Laurence needs to clean up his act

Practical jokes are one thing but when you tie up scarce emergency services because you are such a d***head, then you have gone too far. We have recently heard about two major incidents involving Victorian emergency workers and sadly, one has resulted in critical injuries to two policewomen and serious injury to a fireman. The other incident, naked Laurence in the machine, simply beggars belief.

According to Laurence he’s a practical joker who enjoys being nude and that’s clearly his own business. But when this fool decides to climb inside a household appliance and then seek emergency services expertise to get him out alive, his selfishness is clearly paramount and it’s a wonder they didn’t simply slam the lid shut and put the machine onto a spin cycle.

Everyday highly trained and exceptionally courageous men and woman put themselves in positions of great danger to help (usually) someone unfortunate enough to be in a life-threatening situation. So when the efforts of these selfless individuals are wasted by people who can only be described as extremely foolish – and often selfish to boot – then we need to review what emergency services are for and who should have access to their assistance.

It appears from Laurence’s proud declarations of his need only for a beer during his rescue and his regret that his rescuers used his “good olive oil”, that this stupid individual has learnt nothing from his recent misadventure. I’m not sure how the system works in Mooroopna, but if I were one of its police or firemen, I would be placing silly Laurence on my ‘Do Not Call’ list.

Meanwhile we hope and pray the injuries suffered by the brave personnel who responded to a suicide threat in the Melbourne suburb of Middle Park on Saturday night are nowhere near as bad as first believed and that they enjoy a full recovery and rich rewards for their selfless action.

Call for comment

What do you think? Was Laurence’s prank simply high-spirited or should he be made to pay for the time and resources used to free him?

Written by Kaye Fallick