New iPhone 5s and 5c launched

Rumours have been flooding the internet over the last month about what Apple had in store for the new iPhone. Almost every rumour was yesterday confirmed as true when Apple launched its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Both models will go on sale Australia-wide next Friday.

The iPhone 5s was hailed by Apple at the launch as “the most forward-thinking phone Apple has ever created”. While there are three main upgrades worth talking about, Apple’s statement is a stretch. Probably the most important upgrade to the iPhone 5s is the new processor, the first 64-bit CPU to be used in a smartphone to-date and Apple is claiming that the iPhone 5s is up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5 for intensive tasks. Apple’s recent television campaigns in Australia has been focused on how the iPhone is used as a camera, so it is no surprise that the 5s comes with a redesigned lens which will allow larger photos to be taken, a redesigned flash feature and the introduction of ‘burst mode’ for multiple shots in a row. There will also be extra software upgrades. The most innovative upgrade for the 5s is the introduction of a fingerprint sensor into the home button, which can be used as a ‘passcode’ for accessing the phone and for locking certain apps. The iPhone 5s is priced from $869 for the 16GB version with the 64GB version retailing for $1129.

The iPhone 5c, to be released at the same time as the 5s, is a less expensive version with a body made out of plastic instead of aluminium. The 5c is less advanced than the new 5s, with similar specifications to the current iPhone 5 model. Changes include a better camera and improved battery life. The 5c will be available in five colours, which seems to be the main selling point for the phone. It will cost just $130 less than the 5s. For what was expected to be Apple’s low-cost iPhone, $739 for the 16GB model is a disappointment.

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Opinion: Does Apple take us for fools?

Australians have been buying Apple products for more than a decade, with demand increasing year on year. In recent years, Apple has struggled to maintain its status as the most innovative, forward-thinking company in the smartphone business, with competitors beating Apple to the punch on most fronts. Apple has been reduced to launching new product after new product, with a slightly more advanced processor, higher resolution screen or better camera. Unfortunately, the majority of new features added to Apple’s products are either a copy of something already available on competition smartphones, or a gimmicky component such as a fingerprint scanner.

When I heard the rumours last month that Apple would be releasing a low-cost iPhone, I was quite excited as it could have made the easy-to-use iPhone more affordable for those on a budget. Apple has let its customers down with the price of the iPhone 5c. Simply, it is too expensive. There is no logical reason why any smartphone user would purchase a 5c over a 5s for the sake of $130. Then again, branding is a powerful thing!

I have owned two different editions of the iPhone in the past and, after recently moving back to an Android, won’t be purchasing another Apple product unless the brand becomes significantly more innovative with its future product releases.

Does the new iPhone 5s or 5c interest you? Do you currently own an iPhone? Why did you buy it over a less-expensive Android-run product?

Written by Drew

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