No more poor spelling

If poor spelling, or bad typing, is holding you back from producing professional documents time and time again, then Dragon’s integrated dictionary will be a welcome addition to the process.

Dragon is among the best when it comes to word dictation software. With an integrated dictionary, and up to 99 per cent accuracy when the user has set up their account correctly, Dragon is able to decipher most words you say and deal with any spelling issues.

The software will only record the words you say, not how you say them. When we speak, we often naturally insert inflections into our sentences, which controls the meaning. But putting words to paper can make it tricky trying to work out where to insert punctuation and grammar. Using Dragon to play back your transcribed text will allow you to hear how the sentences sound and will help you to identify any grammatical and punctuation errors.

You can also use Dragon to synthesise other text into an audio stream and to have documents, such as emails, read aloud to you while you work on something else.

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