No Scan No Fly

From July this year passengers travelling through Australian International Airports can be subjected to compulsory body scans. The Gillard Government will introduce the legislation this week after successful trials of the scanners were conducted in Melbourne and Sydney.

Initial concerns regarding privacy and health have been addressed by the new technology being used. The scanner projects a generic human outline and merely alerts security staff to the areas on the body that need to be checked. Once the passenger has been cleared, the image is deleted from the system. The actual scan is the equivalent of passive exposure to a mobile phone being used several metres away.

The scan will not be compulsory for all passengers, but if you are asked to be scanned it is compulsory. Failure to comply will prevent you from boarding your flight.

The new legislation is sure to spark an emotional response from many who are concerned about their privacy. How do you feel about it? Do you agree with Ged’s take on the issue? Will you be embarrassed to be scanned? Or does it not bother you?

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