Older men, great idea

Older men, new ideas (OM:NI) is a Council on the Ageing (COTA) initiative which allows men to get together informally and have a chin wag – about anything except religion and politics!

Blokes are starting up OM:NI discussion groups all over Australia, whereby they get together on a regular basis and have a relaxed chat: firstly, about what’s going on for them personally (if they want to) and then about an agreed subject. The groups are facilitated by the men themselves, so no one else is around (read, the ladies!) and everyone can talk freely and uninterrupted.

Men from all walks of life are welcome. If you’re interested in getting together for a chat and a laugh and maybe making a few new mates along the way, contact David on (03) 9655 2115 to find out how to facilitate or join a group. Or for more information, click here

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