Out and proud

Retired High Court Judge Michael Kirby has urged gay Australians who have media profiles to come out of the closet and stand up for what they are. Kirby, who is gay himself and has been in a relationship with the same person for 43 years, said it was difficult to blame heterosexuals for their “discriminatory attitudes” when high profile people were not honest about their sexuality.

In delivering a speech to the Law Institute of Victoria, Kirby also said, “Secrecy is evident in the conduct of some of the highest and most respected public office holders, professionals, sports people and business leaders in Australia.”

The speech has been submitted as part of the parliamentary inquiry into proposed gay marriage laws.

Read the full story at HeraldSun.com.au.

Do we really care who is sleeping with whom? Is it time to simply allow people to marry whoever they want and get on with dealing with important issues such as poverty and world hunger? Read what Debbie has to say.

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