People-powered public transport

In 2008 Google started Project 10^100, which called for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Over 150,000 ideas were submitted, and five were chosen, one of which was the ‘Shweeb’.

Google specifically wanted one of the five projects to be an innovation in public transportation. The Shweeb is a transparent, one-person capsule which hangs from an inverted monorail. It is pedal-powered, and the setup inside the capsule is much like that of a recumbent bicycle.

The idea is to create a public transport system which is flexible, environmentally friendly and which, as an added bonus, gives you a workout.

Currently the only working Shweeb is at the Agroventures adventure park in New Zealand, but with $1 million backing from Google an announcement will soon be made as to the location of the first transit Shweeb for public use.

More information
Read about Craig Platt’s experience in one of the Shweeb at the Agroventures Park at The Age website.
Visit the Shweeb website to find out more details about the project.

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