Have you heard of podcasts but have no idea what they really are? Webmaster, Drew, explains what a podcast is and why you would want to download one.

A podcast is a digital media file made up of audio, video or both. Podcasts are released episodically and downloaded through the internet to then be played on your computer, iPod or other portable device.

Radio should be seen in a similar light to newspapers. You can never listen to all of it and need to be selective about what programs you plan to listen to. I have been a fan of ABC radio for the last couple of years and find myself listening more and more to their podcasts instead of live radio. This type of listening is more efficient use of my time, as I get to choose from topics I am interested in, in a similar way to reading a newspaper. A prime example is the ABC Overnights show which has some very interesting topics, but runs from 2am-6am, which is sleep time for many of us. I log onto the ABC Overnights podcast area of the website and browse through the recent uploads. I can then download as a podcast for later anything of interest or stream the program over the internet if I want to listen immediately.

Previously, I used to listen to music when exercising or driving, but now I feel that I am making these somewhat dull “jobs”, into something I find entertaining, and informative.

If you are interested in creating your own podcast to share your views on a subject with friends and family, you can visit www.blogtalkradio.com for more information.

You can also create your own www.youtube.com channel and record yourself on webcam and share this link with friends and family.

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